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    A series of works created for the Hope and Social Garden Party.
In 2011 Malcolm Cruickshank collaborated with graphic designer Rhona Cruickshank to create a range of items for a one-off event; a Garden Party, hosted by the band Hope and Social to celebrate the launch of their album 'Sleep Sound'.
All images below courtesy of Shot by Sodium
Three hammocks were customised as a focal point for the 'Hammock stage'. One of the hammocks featured a bespoke typographic design, using the opening line from the title track of the band's album.
A blog by Rhona about the design and production of the bespoke hammock, which was auctioned off on the day, can be found here.
The stage was populated by acoustic acts, and the hammocks helped ensure its success as a 'chill-out' area.
Blackbird Installation Signage
Ticket holders were each sent a 'Blackbird kit' in advance of the Garden Party (another reference to a lyric from the album) and asked to bring along their creations, which would form a collaborative installation on the day. Malcolm and Rhona produced a beautiful wooden sign to accompany the installation, which was sympathetic to the installation's location - a tree.
'Have fun make art' mobile
'Have fun, make art' is both a recurring theme within the band's work, and a big part of their ethos. Previously, this concept had become the subject of a children's mobile. For the Garden Party, the challenge was to create a giant version, large enough to hang high in a tree. 
A set of solid wooden letters were made by Malcolm and Rhona, and each was given a theme. They were distributed around the Garden Party, and attendees were encouraged to decorate them throughout the day. Towards the end of the afternoon, they were collected and assembled into a mobile which was installed to overlook the garden in time for the end of the event.
'Paintball Swingball' Flag
Another mass art project. Malcolm and Rhona created a flag with concealed and protected words, which was pinned to the inside of a gazebo where games of 'Paintball Swingball' were played. Colours were allocated timeslots, and people were invited to don protective clothing and play a game, resulting in spattering the inside of the tent with colour as well as the flag. The flag was then allowed to dry, and the protective layers were peeled off to reveal a series of words relating to the activity. Prior to the main gig of the day, the flag was run up a flagpole and flew above the crowd as they listened to Hope and Social.