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    Limited edition Christmas Decorations - to mark a very festive special event.
A very special event indeed…
At the end of 2010, the band Hope and Social held a very special event in Leeds - the Christmas themed 'Snowball'. As always, it was a wonderful day - Leeds Brewery created a special ale, various pubs were crawled, and 200 people sang Bon Jovi on the steps of the Town Hall before heading off for big band fun and turkey curry.
Malcolm Cruickshank and Rhona Cruickshank were asked at an early stage to realise the boys’ idea of some festive merch for the day – some limited edition Christmas Decorations.

The final product was a set of three typographic decorations, featuring the name of the band. Laser cut from FSC accredited pine, they were rubbed with linseed oil, and repacked into their offcuts to minimise waste.
One of our favourite parts of the project were the offcuts from the ‘&’ decoration; fragile and beautiful in their own right. We still have a small pile of these waiting to be turned into something beautiful, so if you have any ideas, or would like some to play with, please let me know.