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    Just a couple drawings and a couple paintings I decided to upload from my Foundation year at MICA.
30''x26'' white and black charcoal on tan paper
I'm very interested in symbolism and wanted to contrast the skull, a common symbol for death and mortality, with flowers, which are a symbol for life.
Family Portrait
22”x19” black charcoal on gray paper
Drawn from observation. The project was to draw your family as inanimate objects that describe them, and who they are to you. My mother is a book of prayers because she is very religious. She is also underneath the rest of my family because she is our support system. My sister is a banana because she is very shy, and you don’t get to fully know her, until you peel away and get through her exterior. My father is a bra because he is extremely over-protective and constricting, and sometimes, just plain annoying. But, also like a bra, he’s the most supportive of me, and my dreams. 
25”x20” oil on paper
Had to do a self-portrait for my painting class. Not my best painting, but I never painted before that class, and this is my first painting of a person, ever. I decided to post it because I like the hair on the left-hand side. 
Reproduction of Girl with the Pearl Earring by Vermeer
18”x16” oil on canvas
For my painting class we had to do a reproduction painting of a Masterwork. We were not only to copy the surface of the painting, but the exact process the orignal artist went through. We had to mimic their every step to the best of our ability. 
This painting isn't technically done, but I have no desire to continue with the process. I prefer to paint my own subject matters in my own styles. While this was a great learning opportunity, I feel like it's best to move on from something that no longer inspires me.