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    Drawings not made for MICA, but that I think show more of my style and what I like to do than my foundation year drawings.
Mixed Media: black and white charcoal and colored pencils on gray paper
A drawing of my friend, Samantha. I was really trying to focus on small detailed line work with my charcoal pencils while still staying somewhat realistic.
oil pastels
The project requirements were to focus on color, and have the piece be vibrant and colorful. We were allowed to draw any subject matter of our choice. 
black and white charcoal on black paper
I am a huge fan of drawings that have one, singular, intense light source. I wanted to amplify this light source by surrounding my subject in a deep black darkness. Like in Autumn, I chose not to blend my charcoal, but rather make small hatch/cross-hatch marks to shade.
Golden Girl II 
oil pastels
I chose to do this several months after the completion of the original Golden Girl. I really loved working with these bright, vibrant, and saturated colors, and enjoy the effect they give to my drawings. I feel that it makes them much more inviting because of their warmth. 
Falling Down the Rabbit Hole 
graphite pencil
The assignment was to draw ourselves falling down the rabbit hole from Alice in Wonderland. I chose to include a pocket-watch, chess pieces, and playing cards, all symbolic of the famous Alice in Wonderland story. 
colored pencils on tan paper
I used to have very bad nightmares as a child, and my older sister bought my a dream-catcher. They originate from the Native Americans. Their intricate string designs are said to help catch the bad dreams, thus preventing nightmares. Over the years I’ve grown to love dream-catchers because of this and now own around 14 in total. I chose to do this still life of some of the dreamcatchers hanging in my room because of my love for them. 
black and white charcoal on gray paper
This is the piece that first made me extremely interested in masks as a way to hide the face, as I also am interested in partial portraits. I thought that contrasting the light shading of her body against an extremely graphic dress would give the piece balance. 
oil pastels
I do not have much to say about this piece because I am not a big fan of it anymore. I do still like the hair, and the left side wall where her shadow is, but that is about it. This was drawn from a photo, which I think is extremely obvious as it feels extremely flat. Once again I worked with super saturated colors to make the drawing bright and warm in hopes that that would engage the viewer.
Sugar Spoons 
black and white charcoal on tan paper
I love using black and white charcoal and allowing the original paper color to act as a mid-tone. I chose the spoons because of their ornate and intricate detail. 
Golden Girl 
oil pastels on black paper
I love the look these warm colors give to my drawing. I do not feel that it is important to stay true to natural color, and prefer to have fun with my drawings. I think these colors make the drawing more fun and vibrant, and thus helps engage the viewer more.
water color
This is the first time I ever painted with watercolors, ever. It was just me trying to branch out and learn new materials. It is not technically good, but I am still proud of this because I basically had to learn how the material worked as I went along which was an interesting process. I also really enjoy the way the purple and yellow are interacting with each other in this piece.