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Visualization |  SKY CG Studio

Typology |  House
Location |  Commonwealth of the Bahamas
Status |  Сommercial project​​​​​​​
Year |  2019
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Bahamas Villa is a competitive project of the OPEN Architecture studio. Our studio worked on creating visualizations for this project. The main task for was to convey the harmonious contrast of the architecture created by man and the tropical nature that surrounds it. We believe that ideal architecture does not destroy or displace nature, but complements it.

About the idea of ​​the project architect Oleg Zenkov, the building is located on the seashore, and the sandy beach approaches the villa itself. The rest of the villa is surrounded by tropical greenery.

Architects used three main materials in their project: concrete, wood and glass. Due to the combination of these materials, as well as design solutions, the heavy architecture of the second floor seems to soar above the ground, barely supported by supports. Wooden slats create a relief facade and harmoniously contrast with rough concrete. The main interior of the ground floor has glass walls, which gives an excellent view of the beach and the sea from the inside.

Through the house, like an axis, it goes from the pier to the entrance to the territory behind the villa. The pier is long enough so that it can possible reach the water even during low tide.
There is a courtyard with a pool. This space is closed on one side by the dominants of the villa, and on the other, by a retaining wall above which broadleaf plants are located. The courtyard is designed in such a way that there is always a little shade to take a break from the sun.

Art-Director | Nikita Bragin
3D Artists | Venera Kurbangalieva​​​​​​​
Postproduction | Venera Kurbangalieva​​​​​​​, Ivan Taradoina

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Bahamas Villa