Architecture |  Foster + Partners
Visualization |  SKY CG Studio

Typology |  Commercial Center
Location |  Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan
Status |  Commercial project
Year |  2020

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A major 3D visualisation project for the multifunctional Abu Dhabi Plaza complex was completed by our team this year. 

This project was designed by Foster + Partners more than 10 years ago and is now almost complete. During the implementation of the facility, its architecture was changed several times, so our team was approached by our client to create render the current look of the building.

The Abu Dhabi Plaza complex includes several blocks that house a hotel, apartments, offices, etc. Our team worked on the interiors of the office block and the apartments. You can see these projects in our profile here, on Behance or on our website.
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Some details of the architecture and surrounding improvements have changed in the course of our work, so we worked closely with the project architects. The work on the project lasted 4 months precisely because there were changes in the project itself during the visualisation process. 

Art-Director | Nikita Bragin
3D Modeling | Dmitry Pogodin, Venera Kurbangalieva
3D Visualization | Venera Kurbangalieva
Postproduction | Venera Kurbangalieva, Ivan Taradoina

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Abu Dhabi Plaza