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    Promotional material for a conceptual hydrogen fuel engine company.
For this project I have created a hydrogen fuel engine company. The aim is to create a look of contemporary luxury that stands out from the stereotypical green energy aesthetic. With HYDROMIDA being conceptual and its products not actually existing I created a campaign to promote awareness of the company and what it does as well as what it stands for.
The atom in the center would spin when viewed on a digital platform.
The atoms would be placed around cities and online to gain the interest of the viewing public, a teaser to build anticipation for what is yet to come. At this stage no name or logo would be used, just a spinning atom that people would come to recognize and question.
Once enough buzz has been created with the atom, the name and logo would appear with the atom in the center. There would still be no clear indication at this stage what any of it means, but people would become familiar with the name and the logo. The name HYDROMIDA descends from the combination of two words: Andromeda & hydrogen (one being a galaxy, the other being the clean fuel that the company is built on).
Eventually the AD above would roll out online and on TV, reinforcing the now known name with what it represents, leading viewers to the HYDROMIDA app. The aesthetic remains contemporary and sleek, avoiding the use of neutral greens and blues, typically associated with ‘green’ products. This should set the company apart from other clean energy company’s, letting the viewer know that HYDROMIDA is completely new and different to anything that has been before and that being eco friendly no longer means having to sacrifice good looks and new technology.
The app would be used to calculate a persons carbon emissions, demonstrating their impact on the globe. This is designed to confirm their need for HYDROMIDA and its products, offering a solution to each their problem.