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    WIP... Packaging concept for a new luxury men’s and women’s fragrance for Paul Smith Ltd.
What makes paul smith unique? To become a great success takes a lot of hard work and commitment. It takes a process or refinement, finding your style and making a name for yourself. My fragrance is designed to display that process. A product that becomes ‘refined’ with time.
The logo I have created is clean and minimal, to reflect the characteristics of the chosen name ‘refined’. The name represents not just the process in which the product goes through but also hints at the characteristics of the clientele purchasing a Paul Smith fragrance.
The bottle shape is based on a champagne glass. Champagne glasses are very elegant and delicate. This mirrors the aesthetic of the product I wanted to create for Paul Smith. In addition to this  I wanted the client using the perfume to feel the things associated with champagne (celebration, special times, fond memories, luxury ect...) when applying the fragrence.
The surface of the bottle when purchased appears rough and grubby, perhaps neglected. This is a top layer applied to the bottle, designed to wear off or ‘refine’ over time as the bottle gets used, revealing the shiny polished surface underneath. In effect the more you use the bottle the more refined it becomes
For the Male fragrence I inverted the shape and colour to make differentiation between the two products clear.
The bottles are made from glass, a long lasting and durable material. I chose this because I wanted the bottle to last a lifetime, being reused instead of replaced. I wanted these same principles to apply to the packaging. For this reason that I chose to make the box In which the bottle is sold out of wood designed to last and be reused for any purpose.
The box's feature some 'wear & tear' as standard. This maintains the 'refined' asthetic aswell as encourage the owner to use the box, without being afraid of damage.
By having a bottle and box designed to be used for life, the fragrance inside will no doubt run out as it gets used. Differing from the box & bottle, the refill packaging is designed to be disposable. It is made from a bio degradable material that will decompose over time, leaving no impact on the environment. Each refill ‘bag’ features a nozzle that can be attached to the bottle to refill it. The design is clean and minimal to portray the products name & purpose.
To promote the product it will be advertised in certain areas with a video display. The video will change over the duration of a week. When first seen the advert will show a neglected, old and used material (paint cracked and rotting wood, rusty metal ect.) filling the composition. As time goes by the scene will begin to look less and less neglected and start to appear looked after and new. In essence the video will be a time lapse in reverse, showing materials as they become more refined, featuring the qualities of the product it is promoting.