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    Branding and promotional objects for the Primavera Sound Festival (Barcelona and Porto) 2013.
Primavera Sound
Music is made up of seven notes, just as tangram of seven pieces. In both cases, their origins are ancient and mythical. In both cases, the combination possibilities are virtually unlimited and endlessly able to surprise us: the seven musical notes engender new melodies every day; the seven geometric shapes have been producing unexpected patterns for ages. The graphic identity of Primavera Sound 2013 – a festival with two editions, in Barcelona and Porto – explores the homology between music and the popular Chinese puzzle, highlighting their common features: creativity, logic and entertainment. To play – like the French jouer or the German spielen – may be applied to both music and games. Instead of a fixed and rigid solution like a brand or a logo, we opted for a changing graphic system which, by expressing the moving, organic and creative nature of music, would allow multiple variations for a broad set of mediums and applications. Even without any proper archaeological research, we feel inclined to believe that tangram was invented during... the Song Dinasty. Call it an intuition.
Custom tangram shapes
Primavera Sound 2013
© Dani Cantó
© Eric Pamiès
© João Paulo Feliciano
© Ana Ayala
Optimus Primavera Sound 2013
© Hugo Lima
© Hugo Lima
© Hugo Lima
© Hugo Costa
Art Direction + Graphic Design André Cruz
Primavera Sound · Barcelona
Graphic Design Ana Ayala
Optimus Primavera Sound · Porto
Graphic Design Rita Carapeto