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    CD packaging and poster for João Vieira’s band White Haus.
The White Haus Album
Graphic design for the poster and the debut album of White Haus, the new solo project of João Vieira, whom the world first knew as DJ Kitten and later as the singer and guitarist of X-Wife. The package’s exterior, in black and white, evokes Vieira’s post-punk background; the bright green interior suggests the rhythmic dynamism and electronic sound effects in some of the tracks and the lush ambiance of others. On the back cover, a photo montage recreates a bedroom wall upon which a profusion of affinities, fantasies and obsessions have accumulated – a bit (or a lot) like the album itself, which, in João Vieira’s words, “borrows ideas from all the music I like, from David Bowie and Kanye West to Prince and Cybotron, or to the DFA and the Italians Do It Better record labels”.