Detroit in_Activity
Re-activating communities in Detroit through strategic activation of vacant lot spaces
    Working towards a fully interactive map of blighted neighborhoods to better understand their more pressing social
    and economic needs
Above is the process the site takes from the previous home being abandoned to the current state of the vacant lot to the presence of the simple structure I'm proposing.
This is one scenario of what the structure might end up looking like. (a) and (b) are intended to be modules of a scale of spaces in which the structures would be built around. The number of spaces, their arrangement, and location within each neighborhood would be dependent on each neighborhood's specific needs.
The location of the building in this scenario is based on the current situation of the Chene neighborhood. This spot gives it better access to the neighborhood's current systems of pedestrian circulation that don't depend only on the streets and sidewalks but also offer new diagonal access-ways through other vacant lots. Its location also values the possibility of a more positive real estate future where the surrounding lots might be redeveloped. 
A system of businesses and service providers will circulate through the structures as they are built in many places throughout Detroit. This map shows the current vacant lot (purple) and abandoned building (pinkish) spaces throughout Detroit with an overlay of the population density circa 1950 (dark being more dense). Various methods of communicating which service provider is in which location could be communicated via the web like a Twitter feed, etc.