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    P A R T I C L E S
A series of imagined 'particles' or 'atoms'
inspired by biology and science, i hoped to create my own experimental micro dimensions with particular focus on reaction and evolution. Single screen edit of a 3 channel video installation.
The production was fairly straightforward, driven by the basic principal that each 'particle' should be created from simple, everyday materials such as water, oil, coffee granules to name a few.. and through basic layering and masking of separate elements a much more complex and dynamic structure could be created. I am also very interested in creating such special effects without the use of various software's and animation technique, so what you see was achieved very simplistically. This is always fascinating because i feel the process of serendipity or accidental discovery through experimentation also relates directly to the concepts of science, especially experimental sciences or biology. It also allowed the process to become much more of a challenge, to turn everyday items into something perhaps more indistinguishable and mysterious, whether this was the case i can not say!
made possible thanks to KinoKino centre for art and film artist in residence program in Sandnes, Norway