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    a short video work produced in association with Park in Progress and Nottingham Castle, World Event Young Artists, Arts Council England
This short work was produced as part of the Park in Progress event which coincided with the World Event for Young Artists in Nottingham England in September 2012
We were asked to produce an artwork which would be shown around the Nottingham Castle grounds. The basic concept of my video was to produce a piece of work which would push and play with the boundaries of working in a Heritage site. There were a number of physical restrictions which i question in this short work.
By using video and sound together i could create small actions where the boundaries of the park would be explored. The simplicity and small scale of these actions would be heightened by the sound, creating a much bigger impact, touching on the idea that with sound an experience or something small can become something much bigger. It was this simple idea that i found interesting to create a work from.
The video would play on a loop, projected outside in the castle grounds.