Brand identity & packagings

Chez Valois has produced the brand identity for the gourmet company Molécule-R Flavors. The studio created two rechargeable kits; "Cuisine R-evolution" and "Cocktail R-evolution" each including food additives, kitchen utensils and a dvd of recipes, permitting to realize various molecular dishes and cocktails. With its didactic approach, Molécule-R Flavors, demystifies the molecular cuisine and makes it accessible to a wider public.

Chez Valois created the logotype, visual identity, structural and visual design of the packagings, the interface of the DVD, participated in the creation of the recipes and did the food styling and photoshoot. The design of the packaging received awards at International Design Awards 2012, Applied Arts Magazine Awards Annual 2011, Grafika, Annual Design Contest 2011, and many mentions in magazines and books. The photographs of the packs received also two Canadian Lux Photo awards. 

Design Studio: Chez Valois

Visual identity & packagings
Creative direction: Michel Valois & Sylvie Racicot  |  Art direction, visual & structural design: Michel Valois
Photography: Sylvie Racicot |  Culinary art: Michel Valois & Sylvie Racicot

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