Brand Identity & Packagings

Ziggit is a new fashion accessory brand who believes in self-expression. Ziggit drew its inspiration from the world of texting, wanting to bring back the conversation to real life. The mandate was to develop a new fun brand & products that people will like to play around with to express themselves. The fluo colour matchs, logo, Z patterns, & fun emoji designs creates a vibrant product & visual identity platform. The Chez Valois team was involved in all the steps of the brand creation, from strategy, naming, product design, to the visual identity, packaging platform & all content development from photography to copywriting.


Design studio: Chez Valois

Product design
Creative direction: Michel Valois & Sylvie Racicot  |  Industrial design: InstaDesign
Icons design: Nicolas Lamy, Julien Baveye, Dominic Provost & Michel Valois  |  Custom type design: Julien Baveye & Michel Valois
Brand identity & packaging
Brand strategy & naming: Sylvie Racicot & Marie-France Latour  |  Creative direction: Michel Valois & Sylvie Racicot
Design: Julien Baveye & Michel Valois  |  Photography: Sylvie Racicot & Julien Baveye

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Ziggit - Brand Identity & Packaging