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6 Senses- headphones and a galactic warning system

The so-called „auditory bubble effect“ describes an attention isolation by listening to music in headphones. More and more people are using mobile and smart devices while on the move and are isolating themselves in their own musical world. 

Listening to music on the road leads to inattention and impaired perception, which repeatedly leads to dangerous situations and serious accidents.

Users who are immersed in their music can be warned via GPS when they enter risky positions such as railroad areas. Accidents often happen because music listeners cross tracks regardless and cannot perceive warning signals from approaching trains. By means of built-in radar sensors in the „feelers“, the user is warned about other road users entering his blind spot. 
In my position as a designer, I do not want to forbid actions in dangerous situations in any case as a guardian, or to give technical means this power. 
Rather, technical innovation should be used as a support to give a suggestion for responsible behavior and action. 
Therefore, I have created an alert system consisting of earpiece headphones and an associated app for smartwatches. I designed, constructed and finally 3D printed the individual parts for the model.
6 Senses- headphones and a galactic warning system

6 Senses- headphones and a galactic warning system

"6 senses" is a product duo: headphones combined with an app on a smartwatch help to enjoy music on the go more responsible