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    A site study on Natural Tropical Farm in Raub, Pahang , Malaysia -

Deep in the highlands of Pahang, lies town called Kampung Baharu Teras. For a town that has once died and resurrected itself this village is now an active agricultural community & is alive and well.A predominantly chinese community comprised of mostly old people and the very young, the idyllic atmosphere and friendly locals imbue the village with a welcoming, rustic charm.

To get to the site, we trek through the village, filled with vernacular Chinese houses. The villagers maintain a simple daily lifestyle. Free from the distractions of modern day society but not in isolation. There is a strong sense of community in this village. Coffeeshops become community gathering places for the villagers. From paved tarmac, we transition to harsh terrain, passing verdant fields and farmland.
The rocky ground limits transport to motorcycles, bikes and trucks.

The journey reveals a diverse array of crops, which includes rubber, cocoa, palm oil, pineapples, bananas, and their famous seasonal durians. Wildlife teems in the undergrowth, sustained by the steady Sungai Teranum.
The river allows fishing and crop irrigation, as well as recreation.
Fresh farm produce is ferried from site to market via motorbikes & trucks.
The 2 kilometre hike leads to our site, a little-known, 10 acre natural farm, where all the crops and livestock are untouched by pesticides and drugs.Here, chickens are bred & raised for their eggs.  The chickens here are free range and are fed naturally grown so the hens lay what the farmers call “Happy Eggs”. Their barns and coops are constructed of locally harvested, sustainable bamboo with grass roof thatching.Sungai Teranum is a key landscaping feature for this site. The river creates a place for recreation, interaction & meditation.
In just 2 days, we were swept away by the charm of Kampung Baharu Teras. By getting to know Mr Eric's Natural Tropical Farm, we were made aware of the benefits of natural farming. At the end of our visit, we had a stronger respect for nature & an even stronger sense of community.
We realised that we don't have to spend money in high-end supermarkets to get the best foods. Just grow our own. We don't have to check Facebook or Twitter everyday to stay connected. Just be out there...and reconnect with community.