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    A series of street photography through one whole day visit to Jonker street , a historical street in Malacca, Malaysia.
Leo from the Orient

This cultural protector of mankind in theoriental is said to always be present to fulfil its duty as a guardian evenwithout as a whole.

Amongst of all the interesting places that one is able to find in Malaysia, it’s without a doubt that jonker street is one of the places and would be in the list of “must-visit” places in Melaka. One would find that Jonker Street will always be as one of the most recommended places in the list. Jonker Street is a place where one could simply find an interesting and interactive ways to discover Melaka. Some people would think twice for reasons to visit Jonker Street but yet they would still.
Located in an area that is called Jalan Hang Jebat, this street is also commonly known as Jonker Walk. Jonker Walk is the only market street that has a sort of limited business hour in which is only available during the evening time until midnight and only on weekends. With an easy accessible location, most people might perceive that it is nothing more than a mere straight and narrow walkway. But what is it that makes Jonker street something more than just what is called a mere and narrow walkway? It is easy to say that we should never assume things before we are able to experience it ourselves. Because once one enters Jonker Street, it would be surprising of what one is able to find in Jonker Street, see in each and every unique shops, clothes, accessories and other souvenirs. That why some would call it the antique street.

Like any other places, there would be bound to have an area called Chinatown and Jonker Street would be “Chinatown” district/area for Melaka. And in this street is filled with tons of historical essence which carries irreplaceable value for Melaka and Jonker street specifically, it is the one place in Malaysia where it is filled with many Baba and Nyonya Culture, in terms of food and clothing, for it is the birthplace for peranakan culture.

In Jonker Street, the place is simply filled with culture values such as the food, drinks, market skills, and clothing. For food, one can find that there is many café and restaurant that is available in the long stretch of shops houses such as the Harpers café, the baboon café and others as well. the main food attraction that has been attracting people for a long time and has some historical significance would be the rice ball, indeed it is nothing but a rice shaped in a round geometrical shape but the uniqueness of it is that it’s quite difficult to find the rice ball in any other places in Malaysia. Amongst the foods that are also attracts people are Cendol which is a mixture of jelly and sweeteners and it comes with certain types such as, durian cendol which is also quite famous in Melaka and there exists a durian cendol centre for foods such as these. And not to mention asam laksa as well. All the foods that are mention are ones that has many historical aspects and has exists for a long period of time.

Through the ages”
Life is the sum of experiences that most ofus encounter as we go through our daily life. With achievements comeconsequences, and with sacrifices comes triumph.
Eternal Bloodline
Guessing the quote or term for “likefather, like son” is something that really does exist. And few sons are able toshare the joy and happiness of doing the same thing what both of them love themost. “Seeing them could only make me imagine that it would be brought forward tillthe future generation” –Ceavs Chua

In addition, Jonker Street has always been a place for markets and food. But if one is lucky, they would get the chance to see the events that would go about in the street which doesn’t happen occasionally. Events that would occasionally happens are events that are musical which is the classical chinese orchestra, where all the classical instruments are played and carried out in harmony with other musical instruments, instrument such as, the “Guqin” a seven stringed flat harp, a “pipa” which is the flute, “sanxian” a plucked lute, a “liuqin” the traditional guitar as some may call it and others to be named. Other than the orchestra, there would also be traditional live singing in public, where some of the elderly people would step on stage and sing their hearts out to traditional songs for public to enjoy and feel the environment. But not only are there events like musical but there are also that are for others such as charity, culture and religions.

And when comes to the historical nightlife of Melaka, it is visible to see the major transition to the surroundings as evening comes, where the main road is closed, people would come and set up their stall and almost all of the shop houses would be closed. It is amazing to see that how long and far the stalls are lined up and what one can see from the stalls, amongst the stalls are foods such as dim sum, the gula Melaka, ground nuts, and potatoes , clothing, and traditional clothing such as baju kebaya. Some shops would also sell items that would showcase their skills in such as wire bending, calligraphy writing and also wood carving techniques, of course one could find these in many parts of Malaysia, but the reason to get it as a souvenir is that it is from Jonker Street, a place where the environment is different and would make the souvenir as gift to loved ones or close ones more meaningful.

Effortless task is no Easy Work
Not many would know that to what seem easyto them in the eye makes it easy for the individual, and hard work comes evenin the smallest of task or doing.

In time
Being a responsible person is somethingthat most people wants to be, by not letting down your loved ones andaccomplishing even smallest of errands. Because nothing beats the importance ofbeing responsible and of course “IN TIME”.
Within ebony and ivory
Long before colours existed, the mystical colourduo black and white has enchanted pictures and drawings which brought similarpeace, balance, and harmony just like Yin and Yang.
Traditional Immortality
Unlike seeing other objects trend cent intothe modernised world, there is still but that one piece or fragmentation ofhistory that we all could not forget.
Rocking the Cassonade
Candy is said to be a charm to peoplewhereby it could cure sadness, depression and even anger. No matter if thecandy is hard to consume but with just a small taste of it would brighten yourday

Jonker street may not seem much to most people, to some locals and to even most foreigners, but when one enters it and feel the experience themselves they would feel and think differently than before because eating the traditional food, drinks, taking a glimpse of showcased skills, moving along the congested walkway and seeing while meeting new people is all part of the travelling experience because...

No matter if it’s a 1 hour journey or 10 hour journey, going the distance to Jonker Street would not be a regrettable decision and a huge difference because this is all for a journey purpose and the experience to see the other meaning of “Street” in Jonker Street. If there is time, jonker is a must.