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    The complete campaign for Imagine Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival.
‘Hypnosis is an artificially created state of consciousness, where someone focuses on a certain subject in a relaxed manner. The same goes for film. Film creates an artificial state of consciousness, where you will be deceived by your senses. You use your imagination to get a complete picture’.

After some experimentation, we chose an image with five objects that create an illusion of movement. Not everything turns in the direction you would expect, just like fantastic film. It triggers the imagination, and you’ll need that same imagination to find out what’s really going on.
Imagine Film Festval has, in more than a quarter of a century, grown into a mature 'player' on the festival circuit. As a member of the EFFFF (European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation) it promotes European fantastic cinema through the Méliès competition for both feature length and short films. Imagine Film Festival hosts blockbusters as well as low budget independent productions from all over the world. 
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