"Tea is indispensable for Turkish people. The day does not start without drinking a hot tea in
Turkey. An average person in Turkey drinks tea at least thrice in a day and drinking without the shiny thin waisted glass, tea would be different for them. For years tea is the starter of the conversation and the thing that makes the talking go on.
In United Kingdom there is an exact time for drinking tea, however in Turkey there is no specific time for drinking it. Any time would be suitable to drink a thin waisted glass of tea.
Because of its timelessness, I thought it as an hourglass that could be flipped to be restart just as the glass cup of tea that could be filled with tea every time it is emptied. In addition to this, cup of the tea resembles the hourglass with its slim waisted shape.
Furthermore, I combined the symbols of tea that are time, an hourglass and the slim waisted
figure in my design of the glass cup of the tea. Now it is time for tea."
thank you.