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    folding hideout place with polygonal design and with different effects aiming to provide different experience to enhance everyday life.
Our concept is to create illusions with a domestic hideout space.
We are living in the same space everyday, and it doesn't change without intentional activity. When we have one more function in ordinal space as our routine lives, we can create a playful space.
Home should be a comfortable space for individuals, but nowadays it is getting slightly constrained in social community or human relationship. The main idea is to give people a new illusory space by using materials to enjoy ordinal space in a new way.
Therefore, we can provide new meaning of space to dead space with this project.
The project's main message is to give a new function to usual space. We produce illusions with combination of base polygon shapes and materials. Base structure has irregular polygon for each three shapes. The forms are unique and make the material traits effective. They can be flat and compact with open pattern, for it is easy to fold when it is stored or carried. Furthermore, this form can be arranged not only the center of the room, but also the corner.
Materials affect to play a part of creating illusions. We aim to provide illusions or phenomena using some different approaches through selected materials. The selected materials determine a key part in the design and production process.
It will consist in a structure, with several variants so it can be suitable for occasions:
Mirror – From the outside, it reflects the room, so it looks blended in the room and disappeared. From the inside we can see ourselves’ reflection by one-way-mirror. We also can see the outside view from inside by two-way mirror.
Punching plastic sheet (mesh) – this material create “moiré” effect when it overlaps each other surface.
RGB – Using the RGB colour effect, the space gets mixed with each colour between surfaces. In addition, through the object, the effect of shadow will have complex performance
Acoustic foam – Soundproofing and cushion.
Scaled and Real Size Models' Process
Castelli Timeless Vision Installation
Castelli Showroom, Milano
Salone del Mobile 2013
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