When the International designers’ Network (IdN) asked us to create a tailor made opening for the DVD enclosed with issue v17n5 (October/November 2010) we came up with an idea of creating an ice sculpture of the IdN logo. The idea at first was received with a lot of scepsis in our studio, because we realized we needed to create a mold of the logo of at least 70 cm (27 inch) high that should be capable of surviving multiple times of freezing and we needed a huge freezer. How were we going to take care of that?

We fortunately could borrow the biggest freezer we’d ever seen (thank you Sjors). When building the mold we first experimented with clay. This didn’t work. Second we went to the DIY and bought thick foam and a waterproof emulsion. This lasted, but only for one day. The force of water molecules during the process of freezing seems to be a lot stronger than expected. Luckily Tim happens to have a handy dad and together they came up with a mold of iron and wood, which lasted for five days. Just long enough to shoot the content we needed.

During the shoot we used four photo camera’s (tethered shooting) and a regular HD video camera. We shot about 40 hours of footage for an edit of 15 seconds.