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    A public space sculpture by David Mesguich.
LUZ  1.0

A public space project by David Mesguich /

In september 2012 i was invited to do the curatorial of Nuit Blanche in Clichy, a suburbs of Paris.
Also i was asked  to realise a sculpture in public space.
I could complete the work in an historical building call "La Maison du Peuple"

"La Maison du Peuple" was build from 1935 to 1938 in the town of Clichy by Marcel Lods, Eugène Beaudouin, Jean Prouvé and Vladimir Bodiansky.

This was the first prefabricated building curtain wall and metal frame built in France.
La Maison du Peuple de Clichy is both "an architectural gem of the first ring" and "mechanical jewel".



This piece symbolizes the passage from one dimension to another, from concrete to mental world.
Trying to overcome physical boundaries.

It took me  two weeks to made it come to life, alone, it's all made of polypropylène.
Dimensions : 4 X 3m on the ground, 2m height.

But first of all Luz 1.0 is dedicated to my daughter Lucie and her mother Anne-Laure.
Lucie was born just few weeks before the piece was done in 2012.

7 AM, ready for action ..
Checking all welds one by one.
The size of the sculpture has been set relative to the size of the truck available .. I wish I had a bigger truck :)
Art versus Police
The piece was first shown in october 2012, in that version it was all white.
While the city sleeps ...
I was really out of time with the painting and got no sketch so it was done the "freestyle way" in 4 hours.
Abstract +Luz !
The piece was shown again in march 2013 in the gardens of the Town Hall.
To be continued ...