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    A graffiti mural & workshop project done inside main Paris jail in 2012.

A graffiti mural & workshop project done inside a jail in Paris
Summer 2012, with participation of 8 prisoners we realized a 20 X 3 m mural in the largest exercise yard of the Fresnes prison in Paris with the support of MACVAL contemporary art museum from Paris Vitry represented
by Stéphanie Ayrault.
At the time It took me two years of negotiations with various actors and yet another year to get permission to run those images.
This project is dedicated to those who live or work in the prison every day and their families.
It is also dedicated to my father, that I am more experienced childhood to adulthood behind bars.
Especially for children of prisoners, it is never easy to deal with this kind of situation, they suffer from the separation and may feel it as an injustice.
It is also one of the reasons that led me to initiate a project or the children and families of participants would have a different vision of their incarcerated parent, a positive vision which they could be proud.
Not only to me, this project mean a lot to those who participated and their families, so please "push the button" and show them true love !
Thanks for your support & enjoy those precious footage :)
photo credit : Romain Dutter / David Mesguich
An inmate participant working hard.
Working with the team ..
A place where walls are watching you !
A little space of freedom in a closed world.
As the scales are prohibited in prison must do with what we find.
The training wall full of liberty.
Teaching and painting.
... To be continued ! ...