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Slushii - Dreaming of You & Far Away (Music Video)
Together with prefrontal cortex and the team of Vacades i was working on a Music Video Series for the electronic musician Slushii during summer 2019. The catch - everything was painted and animated in Virtual Reality via Quill.

Together with Felix Herbst i created a flexible pipeline in Unity for the Animators to composite their ideas, synchronize the Cameras and Visual Effects to the Music and Render directly from Unity itself. Additionally we worked on the visual style of the Clips by going from Unlit- to Lit Materials, setting Lights, adding Post- and Volumetric Effects. 
(1) Unlit, (2) Lit, (3) added Lighting, (4) added Post Effects, (5) added Volumetric Effects
In another Scene adding snow particles was adding more "depth" into the whole athmosphere. So i created a fitting particle system for that.
Snow Particles
For a better composition workflow later on, i created a Depth Pass Shader in Unity's Shadergraph. 
DepthPass Shader - Changing the X Value of the DepthRemap Property in your Material will change the Distance (White to Black)
DepthPass Shader example
The Result
The Team:
Nick Diaz – Director, Producer, Quill Artist, Maya Animator
Dan Franke – Director, Quill Artist, Maya Animator, Unity Developer
Peter Ariet – Associate Producer, Technical Artist
Felix Stief – Quill Artist, Environment
Nick Ladd – Quill Artist, Character Design
Rachel Brown – Maya Animator
Nick Saunders – Unity Developer, Visual Development
Amanda Cha – Game Shrimp, Character Design
Felix Herbst – Prefrontal Cortex, Unity Developer, Visual Development
Tim Schuster – Prefrontal Cortex, Unity Developer, Visual Development
Slushii - Dreaming of You & Far Away (Music Video)