The "Moment of Battle" is an immersive VR experience from summer 2016 created together in cooperation with Alexander Börner (Qwertzus). It is planned as an installation for the new visitor center in Lützen, Germany. Based on the historic Battle in 1632, the user finds himself in the middle of a gigantic battle scene and next to the dying swedish king Gustaf Adolf II. who was shot from behind. It is a static moment, so no character will actually move, just like being inside a painting from these days, just not that stylized.

I mainly worked on the Pikeman's armor with a workflow pipeline of using ZBrush (Sculpting), 3ds Max (Retopologizing) and Quixel Suite (Texturing). I also posed most of the characters into the scene, after using 3ds Max's CAT Rig to get this job done.

For bringing it to life we just borrowed a HTC Vive from prefrontal cortex GbR and tried the Unreal Engine 4 as well as Unity 5. The overall conclusion for us at this time was, that the Unreal Engine 4 was way more unstable with VR than Unity. Thats why we decided to work with the last one.
Pikeman retopologoized and textured
Pikeman posed in variations
Musketeer posed in variations
Scene from Unity 5.4
Scene from Unity 5.4
Scene from Unity 5.4
Scene from Unity 5.4
Moment of Battle