Salve! Pizzeria Napoletana


Salve! Pizzeria Napoletana
Naming + Branding

Salve! is a new pizzeria making the true Neapolitan pizza in Florianópolis, Brazil.
We created the name, logo, uniforms, posters, pizza boxes and other graphics for the restaurant.

The challenge was to create a hip new brand that pays the due respect to the Italian traditions. Italian restaurants are mostly branded with the same combination of colours and graphics. We decided to look at Neapolitan culture and restaurants with a new set of eyes and we created "design principles" of our Neapolitan pizzeria.

Design principles:
Loud – a mixture of all-caps, vernacular sans-serif typefaces all around
Simple, but with personal – no shiny graphics, but show some character here and there
Tradition – there's a strong respect for traditions
Made by hand with love – it's a labour of love, it's a family business and pizza is a national symbol. So there's a lot of love involved

Salve! is a friendly way of saying hi. It represents the passion and friendliness of Neapolitan people. It is also a simple, short name that fits well to a hip new restaurant.​​​​​​​ The typography is a mixture of similar sans-serif typefaces, in all-caps, with irregular spacings to mimic the typography we saw in Napoli.

We also decided to pay a homage to the traditional Italian restaurant graphics by including an illustration of a pizzaiolo. If you look around, many Italian restaurants use the figure of a chef in their pizza boxes and menus. So we illustrated a very friendly pizzaiolo using the same style of illustration we found in our research.

But most of all we found that Neapolitan pizza is beautiful. To convey the purity of the Italian pizza, we created posters containing their simple recipes.

Salve! Pizzeria Napoletana
Naming + Branding

A Salve! é uma nova pizzaria em Florianópolis, Brasil, especializada na verdadeira pizza napolitana.
O FatFaceStudio criou o nome, logo, uniformes, cartazes, caixas de pizza e outras peças gráficas para o restaurante.

Arquitetura por Davi Prado Arq
Fotografia Arquitetura por Rafael Ribeiro
Fotografia Detalhes por Eduardo Martins
Animação logo por Davi Friese

Salve! Pizzeria Napoletana

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Salve! Pizzeria Napoletana

Naming, logo design and print materials for pizza restaurant based in Brazil. We created the name, pizza boxes, uniforms, business cards, posters Read More