East Greenland
March 2019

After two days of snowstorm in Iceland (it takes time to visit the Arctic in winter) we finally made it to Ittoqqortoormiit.
A village with a population of around 400 people. 

We were supposed to drive around Liverpool Land via sea ice, which was unfortunately not stable enough (see the photos). 
So we took a different route and spent three days out in the wilderness.
Our journey brought us between glaciers, fjords or majestic mountains and to old hunter cabins, our shelters for the night. 

During day we mostly sat on our two sledges trying to keep warm and let the incredible Greenlandic sled dogs do the work. 
The power and resilience of these dogs is simply mind-blowing. 

All in all it was one of my best experiences in Greenland so far. 
Sadly, the effects and consequences of climate change are very present here. 
The Arctic is warming faster than ever and also the locals feel the difference. 
I wish everybody could see what is happening here, but I know this is not possible. 
So I try to let my photos speak. 
Dive into the white paradise, which beauty is hard to describe for me.  

Pilots view.
Leaving us behind. 
First village encounters. 
Snowed in.
Sea ice crack. 
No stable ice. 
Passing a glacier.
4 layers.
Happy dog. 
Mountains of East Greenland. 
End of the day.
Last light.
Happy guide.
Shelter of the night. 
Looking for polar bears.
Let the day begin.
Full force.
Nothing but white surface.
Somewhere out there.
The sun.
The view for hours.
Most remote cabin.
Morning glory.

Appreciate your feedback. 
East Greenland

East Greenland

A sled dog journey in East Greenland.