Gig Guide - Concert Calendar [Prototype]
GIG GUIDE is the idea, that between your online profiles and likes, and  your streaming services there's a list of shows you simply must see.

Based on the artists and bands you follow and listen to on Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, Facebook, YouTube and the such, the Gig Guide generates a complete list of shows you find interesting, allows you to buy ticket, share events with your friends, access and more.

You will also get suggestions based on which shows others with similar music taste as you, participate in, just as the app will also automatically suggest which friends you should invite with when your about to buy the concert tickets.

You have a personal profile where you log in with eg facebook or email, and have extra options to connect his Android calendar / iCal and add shows and notifications about them directly on your phone with a click of a button.
The whole identity and the App's design are made from line drawings on small pieces of paper and the desire for some dusty yet pastel colors. Pretty simple, no?

For this reason, i've had pretty much "free rein", so I have chose Google's own Material Design recipe, as well as I nicked from their sticker-sheet, where many of the components originate.

This is a deliberate choice to keep the style simple and recognizable to the end-user, where we have chosen to weigh the functionality and the broad audience rather than a modern design that not all would necessarily endorse.

Clickable XD Prototype:
The Gig Guide


The Gig Guide

Smaller design assignment, where I got to be part of the product development as well. Love these type of projects, where there is room to play, a Read More