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Bad advice // illustrations for
C O P Y W R I T E R   &   P R O J E C T  M A N A G E R   Julia Salizhenko
I L L U S T R A T I O N S   Mari Kinovych
D E S I G N  &  L A Y O U T    Valeria Gorodchanina
A C C O U N T   M A N A G E R  Olena Teselko

Ecology problems and conscious living is one of the critical points for me now. There are a lot of projects that say what you should do, but still, many people live their life like there is one more planet Earth floating nearby.

I liked the idea of not showing rules of zero-waste living, but go the opposite direction and demonstrate exaggerated situations. My task was to illustrate these bad advice.

So here we are: 10 bad advice for everyday life (please, do not try it at home):

1. Take a plastic bag for every — even small — item in the supermarket. Always.
2. Buy more clothes — you definitely have nothing to wear.
3. Do not be a fool — do not recycle!
4. Collect everything. We all know — you WILL need it someday.
5. Waste resources: water, electricity — because you CAN.
6. Consume a lot — you can always throw it away if it's spoiled.
7. Do not repair electronics — always buy new.
8. Buy expensive instruments even if you'll use it once.
9. Do not buy used things. Just don't do it.
10. Do not share a car — buy one for each family member.

Mostly, my process was pretty simple:
I show a sketch, it gets approved and then I draw the final version.

I found for myself that two sketches (line and colour) makes my life easier in final drawing:
With this illustration we had a funny (actually, not) moment. It was approved, but then (suddenly) it wasn't. Client had asked to add a wardrobe to make the situation more obvious. I did. But on the verge of a deadline, I received a comment: this image should be completely reworked and character pose should be different. It was a challenging moment for us, because we were running out of time and I decided to save resources and change only a few details in sketch. Fortunately, we have won and final illustration has been slightly updated, but not redrawn.

T H A N K   Y O U   F O R   W A T C H I N G !
Bad advice // illustrations for

Bad advice // illustrations for

Some joke illustrations about enviromentally harmful living for online creative magazine