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    An analysis of the success of the XP Championship series - America's #1 game collection.
XP Championship Series Brand Identity & Design
My work on the XP Championship series began in 2004. The series represented a partnership between Viva Media LLC, Selectsoft USA, and Take Two Interactive. Initial creative meetings placed emphasis on numbers. At that time, game collections were of relatively small size and emphasized the classifications of games, not the volume. It was agreed that the XP Championship series must emphasize value.

Before the design phase, I researched competitive products in actual retail locations. My findings indicated that the majority of competitive products used highly stylized fonts creating legibility issues. This was particularly telling since the game collection genre targets the 55+ demographic (greater potential for poor eyesight).

I decided that to best gain a competitive advantage, the XP Championship series needed to possess simulated-3D concave backgrounds that directed attention to oversized numeral call-outs. These principles guided my designs. Initial retail tests were a success; the XP Championship line look was born.

In the years 2005 and 2006, the XP Championship series was the bestselling game collection in the United States (according to NPD estimates), securing a foothold in both Walmart and Target stores. The line look remains true to my original designs and is still largely successful.