The information below may pop your digital bubble and be aligned with your true needs.
How often do we consider the benefits of the information acquired online? Of course, this very video was made with the help of YouTube tutorials. Yet by opening this Pandora’s Box, it is ourselves we find at the bottom — in the morning, scrolling through useless snippets from the lives of social media influencers. 
To hell with them! 
This is a PSA for a world where every bite of data is under surveillance. The glass samples are a metaphor, with the laboratory as a material embodiment of the soullessness of neural networks.
We all have a clear concept of personal hygiene but rarely consider the sheer number of micro-influences on our bodies and minds. In order to quit this game, we should change our optics and see the overflow for what it is: infectious data that permeates and contaminates our very beings with samey images and regurgitated news as it tracks our every move and commodifies our ever-narrowing attention spans.
Our video may not change the world with its accelerating information consumption, but it may at least serve as a kind of warning for all of us.
Do not waste your mental energy on digital conformism, embrace
digital hygiene today.