Microsoft | Windows 365 Cloud PC

Tendril was invited to create a launch film and flexible visual system to highlight and envision Microsoft’s new Windows 365 Cloud PC platform and its possibilities.

The film takes us on a journey of discovering this new platform, the features and possibilities of the Cloud and the familiar Windows experience available at the user’s fingertips. Imagine the possibilities of having access to a totally configurable and powerful PC that can be streamed effortlessly to any device, anywhere. Ease, fluidity, security, and power were all characteristics that needed to be expressed through our designs.

We sought to make a clear, informative film that expressed these new features while maintaining an abstract, beautiful world. We wanted to avoid obvious visual metaphors but still convey some sense of cloud-like qualities. The end result is a visualization of the experience of using Windows Cloud PC in a way that feels exciting and fresh but also familiar and not too abstract.


Microsoft | Windows 365 Cloud PC