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The Kyiv River Port is a cult place, located on the right bank of the Dnipro river. It was built in 1961 and served its direct purpose until it was closed for renovation in 2012-2015. During this time, repair work was not carried out and the building became abandoned. But 3 years ago, river station received the status of a monument of architecture, restoration work was resumed, and finally, it is open again to attract many visitors like in old days.

ZIR — Augmented Reality app.
Karabas.com — online ticket service

The request that came to us was to create animations that can be used with AR technology. The source material for this work were mosaics of the River Port made by famous Ukrainian monumental artists: Ernest Kotkov, Valeriy Lamakh, and Ivan Litovchenko. This project is aimed to show how the River Station changed over different eras (the 60s, the 80s, our days). Summarizing, we had 2 main tasks: to create the effect of the revival and to convey the spirit of the age.

First step was to create illustrations that were an exact copy of these three mosaics (it was difficult, because mosaics are huge and you need to take front picture, without angels). Secondly, we need animation that blends harmoniously into the mosaic image, mix all this with illustrations and videos of that time, emphasize all these with the necessary kind of font and frame all combined with appropriate music. For that purpose we even created two unique lettering for 60s and 80s, because we couldn't find digital font for this task.

To experience the animation you need to install ZIR on your smartphone and visit the Kyiv River Port :)

        I L L U S T R A T I O N: Mari Kinovych
        A N I M A T I O N: Vladyslav Zhelikhovskyi
        I L L U S T R A T I O N: Olga Kovalenko
        A N I M A T I O N: Zhanna Sirenko

        I L L U S T R A T I O N: Irena Voilenko
        A N I M A T I O N: Liza Tarasova, Nick Zaychenko
P R O J E C T  M A N A G E R: Anastasiia Biriukova
A R T  D I R E C T O R: Liza Tarasova

Kyiv River Port mosaics / AR project