Beetroot Academy is a non-profit educational arm of Beetroot –
a Swedish-Ukrainian IT company with clients in more than 20 countries.

We have been asked to create a pitch deck video to explain what kind of school it is and about advantages compared to other schools.

Our main audience was adults who decided to change their profession to the new one picked from IT.

Beetroot is a very friendly organization that creates a warm family environment for students in classes. It is striving first and foremost to achieve moral, not material values.

In the script we wanted to illustrate in a simple and clear way this difficult moment of changing the old profession to the new one – our characters reach the top of their career ladders and see no other way
for further progress, except to jump into the abyss of uncertainty – and get warm support and impetus for growth in the new specialty from Beetroot Academy. Then the fun days of learning skills among friends are coming – and the brave new world of IT in front of them!

C R E D I T S:

Client / Beetroot Academy
Production / Untime Studio 

Director / Liza Tarasova
Project manager / An Biryukova
Illustration / Natasha Levytska
Cel animation / Liza Tarasova, Vlad Zhelykhovskyi​​​​​​​
Clean-up / Liza Tarasova, Mari Kinovych, Olya Kovalenko, Ira Voilenko
2d animation / Liza Tarasova, Vlad Zhelykhovskyi, Zhanna Sirenko, Tony Pinkevych
Sound design / Zvoolab studio
Beetroot Academy / promo