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    Excerpt from George R.R. Martin, A Storm Of Swords. (G.O.T. season 3)
Personal interpretation of a very short excerpt from George R.R. Martin, A Storm Of Swords. (G.O.T. season 3)
N.b. the only element I adapted from HBO's serie instead of the book is Dondarrion's face with the eye patch. So that people may recognize it from the 3rd season's trailer.
The main goals of this personal storyboarding challenge were:
- Working from a pre-establish story & characters.
- Creating a sword fight choreography.
- Establishing a montage that is coherent, yet very action packed.
...things I pretty much never had done before, therefore any comments and suggestions are very welcome!
... I'm trying to do as much as possible before the next episode of the HBO serie.
I can't wait to see what HBO does different with the same material, what trick they use to make up for the segments of the book where you're actually just reading the thought process of the P.O.V. characters.
Beginning this project, I quickly realised one basic thing that couldn't be overlooked : I never tried to draw a continuous fight scene before. I had drawn snapshot moments of sword fights, but never anything close to a choreography.

So I started doing figure drawing (mostly following video reference of the actual serie), everyday, to warm up....
Then, after a quick brake-down of the source text in shots with crude guesses of the framing required and some camera movement suggestions, I started on the first draft of the storyboard.
I also did a bunch of location design thumbnails for coherence's sake...and... yeah it just fun really.

These are the only ones done directly in photoshop, I'll try to post a few of the classic sketchs done for this project soon.