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    MBA Jungle was targeted primarily at MBA students
Creative Director
JungleMedia Group was my first real CD gig. It was an exciting time in publishing, particularlyin the  "business" niche. The tech bubble was still enormous, VCmoney flowed, and signing bonuses were still large enough that you could dosomething fantastic with them. Not only did all of this help Jungle MediaGroup's expansion (JD Jungle launched 8 months after MBA) but also it gave ussome great content for MBA Jungle. Chock full of great features and profiles ofthe best CEOs, Brands and best thinking about business in general as well asadvice from what to wear to an interview to how to find a mentor MBA Jungle wasan vital resource to the aspiring and newly minted MBA. My first EIC there,Bill Shapiro had a great ability to get everyone fired up about taking thepotentially dense subject matter and kind of turning it on it's head. When Ifirst met him he pitched the project as a "not your Father's businessmagazine" magazine. His enthusiasm sold me. We found a wonderful Photo editor,Ondrea Barbe, an excellent photographer in her own right, and eventuallybrought in Marcus Villaca as AD along with Abby Moskowitz as PE forJD Jungle.