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    Gear Magazine
Art Director
After Bob Guccione Jr sold Spin magazine he decided that he would reinvent the Men's magazine. Shortly after establishing an office in NYC's meatpacking district (before it became fabulous) he called me and asked if I'd like to work with himon a prototype. I jumped at the chance. Eventually we staffed up and moved offices to the Milk Studio Building. We had two expats from the UK Jack Wright and Aaron Hicklin as editors, a superb photo editor Amy Osburn and an all around talented young and hungry group. Although we started out with the lofty goal ofproducing something more akin to circa '88 Arena Magazine, a few months into the endeavor Maxim landed in the US and blew up. This left almost everyone inthe Men's market rushing to find girls that would strip down to their skivvies and Gear was no exception. The first two issues kept to the original goal of producing something that was smart and provocative, while still being a little sexy. We even won some design awards.