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    from this series, wuji start his art style.
Adidas X Jet Lee

The brief:
In 2008 Adidas partnered with Kungfu Star Jet Li to launched the WUJI Men’s casual training collection.WUJI believed that training is the way to show how “Body& Mind working together” can bring you success thatwill effect your daily life. In 2012 WUJI lunched two collections <sound> and <mirror>. we need to deliever the deep philosophy to target consumer(25-35yr frequent gym-goers).

The solution:
We use art-installation can deliver the deep concept
Client: adidas
Agency: TBWA ShangHai
Creative: Hui Yao Nokkia W
Installion Artist: Li Hui
Photographer:Xu Chuang
Art installation 1<sound>
The concept: WUJI sport can helping you use noise outside world to training your peaceful inside.
The execution:
we use sharp woods to form a dangerous moment, Jet li use this noisy outer to train his peaceful inside.

Art installation 2<mirror>
The concept: WUJI sport can helping you know every thing had two sides and they grow each other.
The execution:
we use water and mirror to build a world, when Jet Li do a small movement there has big influence, truth and fake combined together too.

The installation were put in art museum and two brand center to let people fell it, experience it.