MKTR. is a clothing label that originated from Mikrotrykkeriet, a printshop established in Norway in 2012. 
Focusing on purpose-built clothing for microexpeditions and every day use. Responsibly made in Portugal and Sri Lanka.

Mikrotrykkeriet and Room Meets Freiland have teamed up to create the brand and product series N^rvik that honours the town Narvik in the north of Norway.
The design concept draws inspiration from Narvik being an urban and industrial intersection between the sea and the rugged mountains. By playing with the use of patterns and textures we highlight how diverse the terrain is and how fast the weather can change in this region. Further, the design allows a wide range of expressions through the use of photography, illustration and typography. 
We travelled to Narvik for the annual winter festival, to give the product series a real kick off. With us we brought 120 silk screen printed posters, as well as a limited-edition N^rvik-pin and a wide range of beanies. It was a great experience showing our products to the people of Narvik, and we are humbled that so many chose to back our kick off event by hanging our posters on their wall or wearing our beanie when going skiing.

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