August Borsig founds his company in 1836 and within a few decades has developed into the largest locomotive manufacturer in Europe. The Borsig factory premises in Tegel is his legacy. In 1918 the plant celebrates the construction of the 10,000th locomotive. Since then, the company has undergone many changes, which makes it all the better that the Tegel site is still used by parts of Borsig GmbH today.

Logo Development

Striking and well-known buildings can be found on the site and especially in the access road, 
which are integrated into the logo as a graphic quote.

This approach is about the abstraction of the object and the idea that a community is formed in the building, which over time complements the neighborhood on the site.

New Logo 

Borsig as a brand was known worldwide and the factory premises are still associated with the pioneering spirit. Borsig was associated with other brands early on - also in the logo.

The Borsig WESTWERK is green, urban and in the best of company in the middle of Tegel. Mentioned in documents from 1237, Tegel holds many surprises. While it used to be a gas works, the airport and the international building exhibition, the district still has a lot to offer today - including many opportunities for lunch breaks and after work.

The typography pays tribute to the straight lines of the historic Borsig logo 
and is based on the CD typeface by coros.

The Borsig WESTWERK is not only an expression of the old and the new Berlin. This is where old meets new New Work: history, individuality, flexibility and lots of greenery. Ideal conditions just waiting to be enlivened by pioneers and masterminds.

Borsig West Werk

Borsig West Werk