Nodo d'Amore | Romeo & Juliet Wine Label

Nilpeter is a global manufacturer of the machines that have been printing the labels of the most valuable wines of the world. For its centenary, it aims at celebrating this love story creating a label inspired by the lovers par-excellence: Romeo and Juliet. Such label will be part of the limited edition of Nodo d’Amore, one of the most re ned wines of Valpolicella.​​​​​​​
“If love is blind, It best matches the night.”

Romeo & Juliet
William Shakespeare

If love pricks like a thorn, it must be a bush of brambles. Those of Romeo and Juliet are two of the prickliest brambles, which inevitably end up intertwining in a natural fashion, attracted to each other as if they were moved by a will stronger than themselves. This bond is as intense as it is dangerous, enough to get to hurt them. Much of the tragedy takes place with a lunar environment as a background, overflowing with wonder and richness created by light and shadow. The well-known quote in which Romeo compares the beauty of Juliet's eyes with stars, which are so bright to make the other stars in the sky jealous. The darkness frame hides their identities: no matter what their name is, what matters is their scent, and the “knot” tying the two lovers together.

The idea is to tell about the scents of a love story: on the one hand the one of Romeo and Juliet, with a metaphorical and original visual, on the other the one of Farina, trying to visually convey the olfactory sensations and the enveloping taste of their wine. As well as in the famous tragedy, also for Nodo d'Amore, the deep tones of the night and the wonder of a starry sky are the protagonists: the bright ruby red color, in contrast with the shining and enveloping freshness on the palate, becoming a natural expression of this warm and intense wine.

The visual is strongly inspired by medieval miniatures (miniated illustrations) to frame the text, revisited in a modern way. The title is surrounded by a frame of apparently specular brambles of thorn, which cover almost the entire surface of the label. Dark colors of the night blend with the branches, and the berries become stars. Hidden in this tangle of thorns two figures will emerge: the silhouettes of Romeo and Juliet who look at each other. The light of the moon makes the roses shine, and reveals the interweaving of the brambles, making other elements recognisable, such as leaves, berries and black currants, in order to recall the organoleptic notes of Nodo d'Amore.

The idea is to evoke an imagery of the past, with a modern contrasting graphic look, which embodies the conscious spirit of Farina, in search of the right balance between respect for tradition and courage in innovation.
Development and workmanship

Paper: UPM RAFLATAC - Velmart White WSA-FSC
Dry relief: brambles, leaves, roses
Braille: Moon, stars, Nodo d'Amore
Bronze foil: Farina logo, Rosso Trevenezie IGP, Nilpeter logo
“What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other word would smell as sweet.”
Romeo & Juliet
William Shakespeare
Finalist Project
“Romeo & Juliet Wine Label”
Competition for Designers
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Nodo d'Amore | Romeo & Juliet Wine Label

Nodo d'Amore | Romeo & Juliet Wine Label

Nilpeter wanted to celebrate its centenary creating a label inspired by the lovers par-excellence: Romeo and Juliet. Such label will be part of t Read More