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Auf Dich干杯!
Auf Dich,德语单词,译为 “ 干杯 ” 之意。是平面设计师王远和插画艺术家PJ的第一次合作。我们用轻巧碰杯的概念来表达两人的合作之意,用这个颇具玩味的主题来呈现出一个放松、享受的合作氛围。无论是海报中的插画内容,或logo的浮雕字体,亦或宣传图片的拍摄,都是刻意营造出来的老派风格,我们试着用自己的语言让老派的形式呈现出全新的面貌。Auf Dich!

Auf Dich, means “cheers” in German, which is the first collaboration project between graphics designer  Yuan Wang & illustrator PJ. We took the concept out of delightful clinking glasses moments, wish the collaboration a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. For the old fashioned tone among illustration on poster, embossed typography and photo shooting, that’s our intention of giving this old fashioned tone a new appearance and style. Auf Dich! 干杯!
Auf Dich干杯!