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Tirrel Font Family
Unfortunately, Tirrel was rejected by the font & graphics market platform & distributor where I had planned on selling it in my own store, there.  It was to be my first commercially sold font, though I have updated a handcrafted serif, Milton Serif Bled, that I had originally made in 2013 (also available from my profile), which is still a personal use only font (as I hadn't found a commercial outlet for it, yet).  I was also getting 2 other fonts ready (Amblin Mono & Sketchy Ink).  I also have a number of other fonts ready to round-out my 'store'. 
Tirrel Soft:
Tirrel Hard:
My art is my platform...
Tirrel Uppercase letters have a "Hard" bold, brash, abstract style.
Tirrel lowercase letters have a "Soft", more defined letter style.
Tirrel Soft includes cut-outs to assist in ledgibility (even in a busy environment):
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Tirrel font family...
All Caps.

Two main styles.  One is harder, the other is softer. 

Three fonts:
Tirrel uses Hard style Uppercase capitals and Soft style lowercase capitals.
The default numerals are Soft style, but the alternate Hard style numbers can be found in the Halfwidths and Fullwidths letterset block.
Tirrel Soft uses all Soft style capitals in both Upper and lower cases.
Tirrel Hard uses all Hard style capitals in both Upper and lower cases.
Though there may be some slight variations between a few of the Uppercase and lowercase capital characters in both the Hard and Soft versions, the original idea was that if a logo was created using only the Hard or Soft style, then the Hard/Soft version font could be used so that the logo would be recreated faithfully every time, even on the web using an included web font version, without worry as to the typist's shift pattern. 

Unfortunately, I started adding variations to Tirrel Hard and Tirrel Soft as extra alternates.  So, I might create 2 or 4 more fonts for the family.  Tirrel Hard N Fast, Tirrel Soft N Fast, maybe even Tirrel Hard N Fast Alts and Tirrel Soft N Fast Alts.

This project is not done, nor does it have a sale point.  There will be no demo of it, or any personal use version.  Maybe I'll build my own website for my commercial fonts.  As it is, I have a lot of freebies (some not so hot) at

Tirrel family fonts are Copyright 2019 Doug Peters (DP of Symbiotic Design), all rights reserved worldwide, including creative and artistic rights.
Tirrel Font Family

Tirrel Font Family

Tirrel font family is a sans based stencil logotype typeface and novelty font which uses liberal white space to style and abstract the characters Read More