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Jonarun - 100% Free Condensed, Monospaced Sans Serif
Jonarun is a condensed, monospaced, sans serif. Basic Latin, Latin Supplement 1, my first attempt at Greek and Coptic, some glyphs from General Punctuation, and a few other glyphs here and there (totaling 383 altogether). 

Jonarun is a 100% free CC0 (Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication) font.  Use it as you like, for commercial use, for study, as the basis of an even better font or simply add support for your language.

I tried to incorporate varied line thicknesses, and many terminals are tapered or have a very subtly curved end, barely noticeable.

Jonarun is derived from another CC0 font by Zephram (a game developer/artist), called Chisato.  You are welcome to make your own derivative, but please change the reserved font name, update the documentation to reflect your contribution, and keep it under the same license (as a 100% free CC0 freeware font).
I honestly hope you enjoy Jonarun.  You can download the official distribution release archive at

Alternatively, you can use the same Font Editor I used to make this one, in order to modify it to your heart's delight at

If you would like to encourage my continued design work with a contribution, visit

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Stock art (not mine) was used for sample texts. 
Jonarun - 100% Free Condensed, Monospaced Sans Serif