Posters 4 memory
A posters serie for Holocaust Memorial Day

Memory is like a flame that feeds hope that the evil of the past will not return.
The holocaust was a black and tragic page in the human history.

Current generations have been lucky enough not to live that terrible period, but they have the responsibility of preserving the memory.

The graphic design is a strong means of communication, it must be of public utility
and not just commercial.

We have designed a series of posters dedicated to memory, We wanted to contribute to the memory of the victims, unjustly guilty of belonging to a different religious creed, different political ideology or to be homosexual or disabled.

Project Manager – Dario Leonardi
Creative Direction – Danilo De Marco
Graphic Designer – Danilo De Marco, Gianluca Santoro
Copywriter – Federica Musumeci

Whose side are you on? – Designer Danilo De Marco / Copywriter Federica Musumeci

Rain like tears – Designer Gianluca Santoro​​​​​​​

Memory is reborn – Designer Danilo De Marco / Copywriter Federica Musumeci

Today is already tomorrow – Designer Danilo De Marco

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Posters 4 memory