Grubby Bar
Packaging and Point of Purchase Concept

Create a candy bar, design a wrapper and point of purchase display with a certain target audience in mind.


Children ages 5 to 12, primarily boys, was the chosen target market. The candy bar was based on the classic dirt dessert, usually made with Oreos, chocolate pudding, whip cream, and Gummy Worms. Was recreated into a snack bar form, like a granola bar, and named Grubby, for the worms that found within and the mess kids usually make when eating chocolate treats. Hand drew wordmark to look gummy and Photoshoped into a dark dirt texture. Green under-wrapper was chosen to appear like grass when placed in the point of purchase display. The point of purchase display sign was created within Photoshop and has a "no girls allowed" sign asthetic which also connects with the kids at play getting dirty appeal of the bar's brand personality.