• SMARTS. The development of the new site mobile operator
    We had a large and interesting problem. In fact, to create a new site mobile operator - www.smarts.ru.
    Look at how it was). Reload.
  • Research and «Сustomer journey»
  • Client case studies based on "points of pain" "Сustomer journey»
  • Building a map of "travelling client Product & Service" and define the most important clusters.
  • Prototyping
  • Coined for SMARTS
    For the new site, we have come up with of SMARTS and made a lot of interesting things.
    Than those listed below, you can remember a box of rates and discounts, the emergence of branded panel while scrolling down the browser, user-friendly display of tariffs .. but focus on the most interesting.
  • Advertising platform
  • Navigation bar 2.0
  • The Quick Access Toolbar
  • User logic "Store Room" - "Rates" - "Specials"
  • Prototypes of the remaining pages
    For the to understand how to look all the pages of the project, we need to present them in the form of a prototype. Simplified schematic layout of each page of the project and not to forget anything.
  • Design
  • The project team
  • The project is in the tape media:
  • Thanks for your time :)
    Appreciate please.
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