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Two channels. Two dots. Two parallel realities. Two mighty creators.
We were brought on board by the marketing team of the Slovakian public TV to develop an on-air rebrand of their identity. The logos of two channels were meant to stay the same form but the concept and a system of the visual identity was wide open for a new creation.

Employing different animation principles for each channel we were able to come up with a motion based solution for a new identity. The dots that are part of the channel logos become active and play important role in the identity system. For the channel 1 the dots open an alternative space or an alternative story. For the channel 2 the dots are mighty creators that generate unseen abstract shapes and layouts. The basic animation principles create connected system of the station broadcast design. The rebranding project won multiple awards including the PromaxBDA Global Excellence Gold.
Direction: Oficina
Executive Producer: Oficina