Imagine Prague

24 metres wide animated game
Prague's Center for Architecture and Metropolitan Planning hosted an exhibition representing a strategic plan for Prague's development in the coming decades. We were commisioned to create an attractive visual solution ranging from highly detailed texts in brochures to a game on a giant projection screen.
Quite soon it became clear that the most engaging way to tell the story of the plan was to create an interactive game. Sort of like the legendary computer game SimCity. Something, where you can play with original animated illustrations of Prague that respond to your interventions in urban planning. Working with a surface 24 metres wide was a great opportunity to create detailed animations on a large scale.

The instructions behind the birth of the new interactive exhibition were brief: “What could Prague look like if you took the planning into your own hands?” The giant projection screen allows to oversee urban development, traffic interventions as well as citizens’ satisfaction with the cultural offerings or efficiency of the links between schools and firms. All this in the form of original interactive animations whose illustration style was inspired by the Isotype approach to infographics and its pioneer Gerd Arntz.
Analogue and Digital Interactivity
The interactiveness of animations seeks to apply a less traditional user approach and a combination of digital and mechanical technologies. Each of the four illustrated stations has its own analogue controls. By placing bricks on the gaming table or pulling rods, users affect the city's current form and trigger animations on the projection screen.

The control mechanism allowed people to take things into their own hands and play around with them for a bit. To experience something different from the daily interaction with touch screens.
Technical Development
A total of five people took part in the coding. On top of this, we have used the technical facilities of a cooperating company 4Each, which cover scanning, responses of the analogue controls, and transfer of data to trigger changes in the projection.
Client: IPR Praha
Creative and technical solution: Oficina

Visual concept: Oficina, Jan Netušil
Illustration: Oficina, Jan Netušil
Animation: Vít Zemčík, Jan Kokolia, Jindřich Novák, Oficina
Technical supervision: Jan Netušil, Oficina
Programming: Jiří Netušil, Jan Husák, Lukáš Franěk, Jakub Sanitrák, Matěj Štágl
Audio: Oficina
Production: Oficina
Imagine Prague

Imagine Prague

Interactive 24 metres wide projection telling story of Prague's development plan using analogue control mechanism.